We have the pleasure to announce that National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) has awarded this school as Accredited Institute and Study Centre for NIOS Secondary and Senior Secondary Examination from the Academic Year 2012 – 13. The A.I. No. is 220096. This is the only institute in the Purba Medinipur that has been awarded as Accredited Institute and Study Centre for NIOS.
Welcome to Vivekananda Mission High School
CBSE Composite Affiliated, Co-Educational English Medium School ( From Class KG to XII )
School Code - 09915, Affiliation No. 2430070
Thus Speak - Swami Vivekananda
Like fire in a piece of flint, knowledge exists in the mind, suggestion is the friction which brings it out. Education is not the amount of information thet is put into your brain and runs riot reundigested all your life. We must have life - building, man-making character-making, assimilation of ideas.

A nation is advanced in proportion as education and intelligence spread among the masses.

High achievements in arts, music etc., are the result of concentration.

The utility of this Science is bring out perfect man and let him wait and wait for ages, just as a plaything in the hands of the physical world, like a log of cheek food carried from wave to wave and tossing about in the oceans.

One should live from his boyhood with one whose character is a blazing fire and should have before him a living example of highest teaching.

No one was ever really taught by another. Each of us has to teach himself. Do not afraid of a small begnning, great things come after wards.
Our Vission

We strongly believe

"Every child has potential and every child is special."

"Vivekananda Mission High School" provides an extraordinary education for every child.Who are unique path to achievements of juvenile and blithe minded socio economic structure with religious harmony by academically exciting and programmatically support to enrich environments.A dynamic,diverse community of teaching proffessional works collaboratively,innovating and inspiring each other and their students, staff gets to know students intellectully,developmentlly and culturally.Students are encouraged to question and challenge ideas and perticipate as active citizens. School uses a variety of assessments to get the fullest picture of student learning and groth over time. these data are shared regularly with the community,and they form the basis of how we understand and improve student,teacher and administrator performance. Parents are partners with the school in supporting their children's education,and school communicate effectively so that parents are confident of the response to their child's circumstances and needs. The community, well informed and involved in the school,supports these efforts that continue a tradition of challenging overselves to do better,effort that ensure the enduring value of education.

Our vision is to create a school where learning is defined by the child's inherent desire to learn,inspired by love,joy and faith in child as a learner

  • Every child has a right to learn with joy and confidence.
  • All children have varying capabilities.
  • Children learn better from facilitative teaching.
  • The first principle of true teaching is that teacher is not an instructor or a lecturer, he is a helper or facilitator and a guide.
Our Mission

  • Focus on Quality.
  • Provide the best conductive ambience where every student will enjoy.
  • Learn in a sefe and secure environment.
  • ensure rigorous academic program.
  • Promote communal harmony and secular approach.
  • Inculcate in every student the respect of human dignity.