Managing Committee


The people of the rural and financially handicapped area surrounding Panskura had a long cherished desire to have a CBSE school to get their children educated in an English medium, all curriculum based institution which can not only open to their wards different avenues of employment, but also help them to have their outlook broad, liberal and enlightened. This desire was fulfilled by a farsighted, benevolent, tenacious educationist – Dr. Saumen Kumar Mahapatra who by his almost single hearted effort (both academic and financial) brought this institution into existence in 1999.

The school is named after a great monk – Swami Vivekananda whose ideal concept of education is man–making and character building.

It first stands with a few students and devoted teachers. But real progress and development comes when it gets its Affiliation. Now it is a four storeyed building fully equipped with infrastructure and 45 dedicated teachers and some staff members. The strength of students is gradually increasing per year along with its reputation.

Blessed is Dr. Mahapatra who ventured to take up the full responsibility on his singular shoulder. Fortunate we are to have such a popular strong minded personality to satisfy our hankering for a CBSE(Senior Secondary) school in our locality.

Managing Committee

Sl. No Member Name Father/Spouse Name Designation in SMC Phone Off. Phone Res.
1 Dr. Saumen Kumar Mahapatra Late Santosh Kumar Mahapatra President 03228252577 03228252484
2 Dr,. Nathuni Singh Late Sarwan Singh Manager 03228252577 9433434300
3 Miss Pompa Panja Mr. Niranjan Panja Member(TR) 03228252577 8145018170
4 Prof.Pratap Chandra Maiti Late Niranjan Maiti Member- Eminent Educationist (Retired Professor) 03228252577 9474066011
5 Dr. P.C. Mahapatra Sashibhusan Mahapatra Member – CBSE Nominee( Principal, KV) 03325920386 9433926112
6 Shri  C.S. Bist J. Bist Member – CBSE Nominee ( Principal, KV) 03325920865 9434648329
7 Mrs. Anjana Bag Mr. Lakshman Mondal Member(TR) 03228252577 7797284536
8 Mrs. Sumana Mahapatra Late Chitta Ranjan Chakraborty Member – Trustee Nominee 03228252577 03228252484
9 Mr. Madan Mohan Munsi Late Gostha Behari Munsi Member – Trustee Nominee 03228252577 9547526083
10 Mr. Debangshu Bhowmick Late Swapan Kumar Bhowmick Member – SC/ST Representative 03228252577 7602157938
11 Sk. Saferati Sk. Laiamat Member- Minority Representative 03228252577 9800041515
12 Mr. Jyotirmoy Mondal Mr. Nimai Mondal Member – Guardians’ Representative 03228252577 9433383958
13 Mr. Nikhilendu Panja Mr. Niranjan Panja Member- Office Nominee 03228252577 9232136912
14 Mrs. Runa Khatun Sk Zabbar Member – Female Guardians’ Representative 03228252577 9734353674
15 Dr. T. K. Karmakar Mr. Nandalal Karmakar Member, Eminent Doctor of the Locality 8170004869 8170004869
16 Mr. Hrishikes Roy Mr. Kalisankar Roy Principal, Ex-Officio Secretary 03228252577 9434321170